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Soraya is the latest malware making rounds, and it's targeting POS systems as well as home computers. Already, thousands of cards have been compromised, and most of them are US-issued. According to media outlets, Arbor Networks found the malware, Soraya, on May 23 2014. It works by mixing memory scraping in Dexter (POS malware that already existed) with the ability to grab forms compliments of Zeus (an existing Trojan that targets Windows). According to security analysts at Arbor Networks, Dave Loftus and Matt Bing, combining numerous malware techniques is a rarity. Bing says, "Memory scraping is typically only found in malware directly targeting (POS) systems, and form grabbing is typically to steal data being sent to websites, including payment card information and passwords." It's estimated that the malware can access cards used as far back as March 2014. Underta... (more)

How the Internet Is Transforming Driver Education

Remember driving in circles around your high school parking lot and waiting for your instructor to correct you verbally or stomp on the passenger side brakes? Well, driver education isn't like that anymore. It's been getting a slow makeover with supplemental educational resources that aspiring drivers can now find online. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has embraced digital communication as a way to train new drivers on proper safety techniques. Now parents, teens, and educators have greater control over driver education by using videos, digital practic... (more)

Is Lenovo Staging a Takeover?

If the CEO of the company has anything to say about Lenovo's standing in the PC industry, the company won't stop until massive growth is achieved. In a series of recent buying sweeps, Lenovo has bought Motorola Mobility for a whopping $2.91 billion from Google and also acquired the server business side of IBM for another $2.3 billion; the CEO said in March 2014 that Lenovo will "continue to acquire companies" to secure more growth. It seems like there's no end to the funds Lenovo has available, and closing these two big deals have set up the company for a major overhaul. However,... (more)

How to Beat the Curve When You're Behind in Big Data

Data management is undergoing a major shift as more and more enterprises are discovering the benefits of Big Data and venturing headfirst into a dynamic new era of innovation and data explosion. Today, there are more opportunities for businesses to gain insights from valuable data than ever before, but they must embrace change to do so. Organizations across the world are embracing this change and beginning to implement Big Data programs. However, with an overwhelming array of moving pieces to consider, some remain puzzled as to where to start. Well, here's some valuable advice o... (more)

Siri Braces for Competition

Siri wasn't just a phenomenal technological achievement. "She" also segued into the core of pop culture, serving as a guest star on hit shows like "The Big Bang Theory" and some even say serving as inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film "Her." However, it looks like she's about to have some stiff competition as makers of Windows phones such as Nokia's Lumia are getting ready to reveal "Cortana." With a more exotic name, this digital PA might just give Siri a run for her money according to a recent report in The Verge. With Microsoft behind the project, Cortana has piqued every ... (more)